The European Commission is the Contracting Authority, represented by the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon. The project is managed by the Sustainable Development Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon.

Management structure

The Consultant, as the contracted party, is responsible for the implementation of the project. The project implementation is overseen by a Steering Committee chaired by the EU Delegation. The Ministry of Finance is to ensure the secretariat of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee oversees and validates the overall direction of the project activities. 

The Steering Committee meetings are organized at least on a 6-month basis. The Steering Committee is made of the following members (or their nominated representatives):

  • Head of EU Delegation
  • President of the Council for Development and Reconstruction
  • Minister of Energy and Water
  • Minister of Public Works and Transport
  • Minister of Finance 

Project Management Structure

For a sound implementation of this project, the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport have been requested to nominate a Sector manager for each of the three sectors (energy, water and land transport). The main responsibilities of the Sector managers include:

  • reporting to its Line Minister and to the EU Delegation on the progress of the project;
  • oversight on the submission of plans and schedules to the Steering Committee;
  • contribution to the achievements of projects' results in coordination and partnership with senior and junior experts provided throughout this technical assistance contract.
  • establishment of a coordination mechanism with all other actors involved into the implementation of SISSAF project;
  • contribution to visibility, information and communication;
  • participation in the Steering Committee and other meetings related to SISSAF project.