Component 1 - support to the development of sector programmes

Result 1 Baseline of the current situation of the sector/PBA (Transport Sector)
Deliverables A Baseline of the current situation of the sector in the process towards a Programme Based Approach is established. Baseline Study to be submitted in October 2014.


Result 2 Comprehensive sector policy and strategy documents are drafted (Transport Sector)
Deliverables Land transport Sector Strategy approved by the Ministry and the Government.


Result 3 Sector budget and its Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)
Deliverables Sector budgets and MTEFs in the three sectors elaborated and approved.


Result 4 A (sector and donors) coordination framework is in place and operational
Deliverables Written agreements on coordination groups in the sectors Energy and Transport. For the Water Sector: there is already a sector and donors coordination in place; SISSAF will target the improvement of the coordination level between Water Sector institutions, Ministry of Finance and CDR and donors and to align the emergency funding with development activities of the Water Sector Strategy.


Result 5 Sector performance monitoring system
Deliverables Sectoral performance indicators and performance monitoring systems in the three sectors.


Result 6 A list of priority projects is established and presented to the project Steering Committee
Deliverables Detailed list of priority projects with proper justification for their selection. The list of priority projects has been prepared during the Inception Phase and presented to the Steering Committee during the first SC Meeting. SISSAF is currently supporting the implementation of the priority project identified.


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