SISSAF is an ambitious effort to tackle some critical aspects of the infrastructure situation in Lebanon, which are directly linked to the economic, environmental and social stability of the country. Suffering from the legacy of conflict since 1975, insufficient investment and a complex political environment, the development of energy, transport and water infrastructure has suffered, and is impeding sustained economic growth and development.

The project's overall objective s are:

  • to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and financial sustainability in the Lebanese infrastructure sectors (energy, water and land transport)
  • to improve aid effectiveness provided to the Lebanese infrastructure sectors

The core of the project turns around the necessity to organize the sectoral strategies around a Programme Based Approach (PBA) in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

The project has been designed around a two-phase process, involving specific results and activities. As the three sectors involved have different characteristics, needs, stakeholders and priorities, the timeframe for implementation will vary.

SISSAF is supported by a Consortium which is able to draw on extensive experience acquired during the implementation of over three hundred technical assistance projects in recent years.