Background on the Land Transport sector

The Lebanese administration is in the process of developing a Land Transport Policy as well as a Public Transport strategy, as the elaboration of strategy and detailed implementation plan still need to receive official endorsement by the Government.

The goals of an efficient urban transport system may be achieved with parallel efforts in stimulating the economic development, enhancing the quality of urban environment, reducing energy consumption and integrating both the transport planning and the strategic land use planning.

The increasing number of vehicles causing congestion, and thus generating slower speeds on roads, hinders the national economic growth. This is why operation of transportation infrastructures should be optimised, which would imply meeting mobility needs efficiently through a greater modal share of public transport facilities.

Another major consideration within the reforming framework is to reduce public losses on public transport operations (in order to optimise the investments and promote Public Private Partnership). A comprehensive and ambitious strategy should take into consideration (among others):

  • Implementation of a high quality public transport services, through the provision of new measures and technologies which vary mainly in capacity, speed and cost.
  • A multi-modal planning perspective to ensure the integration between different modes of public transport.
  • Provision for a new managerial framework to manage and control minibuses, extent of coverage, frequencies, timetables, and punctuality.
  • Integration of parking policy features within the comprehensive land transport strategy.
  • Improvement of the efficiency of service delivery through institutional reforms, flexible policies and encouragement of private investments in the land and public transport sector.

In order to move towards a sector-oriented approach, the main key issue should be the creation of a centralised body for planning, implementation and monitoring of transport modes and facilities.