SISSAF supporting the Ministry of Energy and Water in its 45th Water Coordination Group Meeting

On 11 February 2016, the Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) organised the 45th Water Coordination Group Meeting. The event was co-chaired by the European Union Delegation and together a wide range of Governmental Institutions, the European Union Delegation to Lebanon and key donors who are all engaged in Lebanon’s water sector.

The meeting began with two key presentations, with the first from the SISSAF Water Infrastructure Expert Gebran Azar. Mr Azar provided an outline of the current situation faced by Lebanon’s four Water Establishments, outlining their resources, the various capacity building projects and the identified training needs. His analysis provided a firm contextual foundation for the participants and underpinned later discussions.

Mr Azar’s presentation was followed by the DAI Chief of Party Mr. Kirk Ellis who presented the new USAID Lebanon Water Project (LWP). He discussed this project’s potential and identified key areas where it will direct its attention.

The presentations were followed by a wide ranging round table discussion.  This discussion provided a space for the donors, government institutions and the EU Delegation to explore the current situation in the Lebanon water sector.  It was an opportunity to clarify key issues and have an open discussion of areas of potential cooperation and mutual interest. 

Given the success of these initial discussions, it was agreed that another coordination meeting will be held soon and dedicated entirely to Water Quality Projects. The next meeting has been scheduled to take place within a month to keep the momentum built by this meeting. It is proposed that there will be a number of presentations from other donors to ensure that all present have a broad understanding of the wide variety of planned and ongoing projects in Lebanon’s water sector.

SISSAF will continue to support increasing donor coordination, so as to achieve the best outcomes for the water sector in Lebanon.

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