Consortium members of the SISSAF Lebanon project

Human Dynamics (HD), Austria

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Human Dynamics is a leading provider of premium consulting services, using our extensive knowledge and experience of Public Sector Clients’ operations, effective project cycle and change management practices, and dealing with economic, institutional development, good governance and sectoral policy issues. We provide innovative and customised solutions to achieve sustainable results of the highest quality, thus demonstrating our teams are dedicated to perform.

Cub Engineering & Consulting SAL

Cub Engineering & Consulting SAL is a service company and consultancy established in 1994 in Beirut - Lebanon. Since its inception, CUB Engineering & Consulting SAL has fulfilled and completed many consulting assignments in the field of development and specifically in the area of Technical Assistance particularly under the EuropeAid programme. Its deep knowledge on safety and security, justice and rule of law, energy, industry, environment, governance, public and institutional policy, monitoring and evaluation, assessment, strategic planning, and various development programmes at the level of the international and regional organizations.

Hydrophil iC

Hydrophil iC is a member of the iC group. The iC group employs about 350 staff with subsidiaries in Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The thematic expertise of the company covers: water supply and waste water treatment, river basin management and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Hydrology and hydro-meteorological monitoring, Water information and decision support systems and social and environmental impact assessment for water sector projects.


ICCS-NTUA will participate in this project through its Decision Support Systems Laboratory EPU-NTUA. EPU-NTUA is a multidisciplinary scientific unit which carries out research and development projects and provides high level consulting services on a wide range of complex societal and technical problems. EPU-NTUA operates within the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, the oldest, most prestigious and most competitive academic institute in Greece.

MVV decon GmbH

MVV decon GmbH is a subsidiary of MVV Enamic GmbH, a member of MVV Energie Group, one of the top multi-utility service providers in Germany. The competences of MVV decon are concentrated on the core fields of activity Energy and Water, Sanitation, Infrastructure and all related ecological and economic aspects. Being a member of MVV Energy, one of the top multi utility services providers in Germany, MVV decon has also extensive experiences in operational assistance and management of water utilities.

Panteia BV

Panteia BV consist of more than 200 experts spread over a number of business units, each acting as partner for national governments, provincial governments, local councils, the European Commission, national and international organisations, trade associations and the business world in general. Panteia BV consists of the following business units: NEA, specialised in research, training and consultancy in the fields of transport, infrastructure and logistics; SME and private sector development.


The SYSTRA Group was created in the 1990s, through merging two subsidiaries created by SNCF and RATP over 50 years ago. They are one of the leading international transport engineering companies with their five main affiliates: MVA Consultancy in the UK, MVA Hong Kong, SYSTRA Consulting in the US and Canarail in Canada. SYSTRA is approved as an expert and reference by many international organizations (BIRD, EU, CFD, BAD, ADB, BID, and UNDP. SYSTRA’s activities cover the whole range of expertise in urban and rail transport, metros, bus and others.