The Support Programme for Infrastructure Sector Strategies and Alternative Financing (SISSAF) cooperates with the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water (MoEW) and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) in implementing a Programme Based Approach (PBA) in the Energy, Water and Land Transport Sectors. Its final aim is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and the financial sustainability of these infrastructure sectors.

The overall objectives of the project are:

  • to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and financial sustainability in the Lebanese infrastructure sectors (energy, water and land transport);
  • to improve aid effectiveness provided to the Lebanese infrastructure sectors.


By the end of the project, the number of on-going projects related implemented within the three infrastructure sectors (energy, water and land transport) must be carried out in the context of "Programme Based Approach" (PBA). The PBA means that projects are managed (formulated, tendered, implemented and evaluated) according to the following principles:

  • in compliance with the priorities of sector policy documents, endorsed by the government;
  • on the basis of sector budgets and sector medium term expenditure frameworks;
  • under a formalized process of sector and donor coordination (with agreed standardized systems for reporting, budgeting, financial management and procurement and systematic mechanisms of consultation with the beneficiaries);
  • under a performance monitoring system which enables stakeholders to reliably assess progress in achieving their results and objectives.

The SISSAF project will provide technical assistance and training support to two line Ministries (Ministry of Energy and Water, and Ministry of Public Works and Transport) and other central and local institutions involved in the management of infrastructure projects of the energy, water and land transport sectors.